LifeSpeak Services Inc.

a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation


LifeSpeak Services Inc.
                An alternative to guardianship


Toussaint Barnes can be contacted at 800-997-4443, Extension 201.  Mr. Barnes is an experienced financial and software analyst, customer service representative, and entrepreneur.  He holds a B. A. in Information Systems and an MBA in Business.  He spent many years as a financial analyst and mortgage banker and has helped to create a credit union for a nonprofit group.  He is active in his church and community.  He enjoys coaching his daughter’s track team, performing community service through his fraternity, and supporting his wife in her professional endeavors.




LifeSpeak Services employs a bookkeeper to manage the daily bank records for our consumers. The bookkeeper reports to the managing director. The staff uses best practices to monitor, manage, and safeguard consumer funds (The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for banking, custodial-ship over consumer funds, and interacting with internal and external audit providers and the board of directors). 


We refer and collaborate with attorneys with experience in Social Security Disability and Appeals, Medicaid and Medicare, trust creation, estate planning, and healthcare law.



LIFESPEAK SERVICES, INC. is managed by a working board. The CEO and the Managing Director sit on the board.When vacancies exist, we seek task-oriented members who are experienced with board governance, funds granting, and nonprofit organizations. A few talented people make the difference in protecting our classification as an exempt organization, providing security for our fiduciary services and corporate assets, and creating vision and direction for as long as LifeSpeak Services, Inc. is needed.

If you are interested in volunteering or joining our Board, please apply by contacting our corporate office.