LifeSpeak Services Inc.

a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation


LifeSpeak Services Inc.
                An alternative to guardianship


We receive referrals from other community partners who are social service providers, physicians, behavioral service providers, governmental agencies, concerned friends and family members.

Our office manager and support staff meets with each consumer, performs an intake to determine needs, discusses expectations and establishes a plan with input from the consumer.

Forms are completed to secure the contractual arrangement between LifeSpeak Services, Inc. and the consumer.

We obtain the documents needed to represent consumers for the services we provide.

Consumers are referred to other service providers and agencies.  This collaborative approach assures the consumer that LifeSpeak Services, Inc. can complete the tasks under our charge.  The consumer is helped because there is a collective effort underway to help the consumer enjoy a decent lifestyle while impediments to multiple needs are resolved.